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FIBs is an animation short that I helped work on for the TV show ``Wisconsin Life.`` Click the button below to see the animation.

Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case (Game)

``Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case`` is a detective/adventure game for fourth graders that I had the honor of working on at Wisconsin Public TV in collaboration with Field Day Lab. My role in the development of the game was concept artist by designing all of the backgrounds layouts in the game, some prop design, and all the rough character animation cycles. I also contributed to solving art implementation and alternative ways of convey story through visual aspects of the game. Click below to play the game.

Unwanted Sympathy

``Unwanted Sympathy`` is an art exhibition, currently in progress, that takes 6 different characters from my comic strip series ``The Beatniks,`` and focuses in on their internal psychological traumas. In January and February of 2019 I will be an Artist in Residency at the Bubbler space, in the Madison Public Library to continue my work on the the show. Read more about it by clicking the button below.

The Beatniks Comic

``The Beatniks`` is a comic strip series that I started back in 2016 centered around the lives of three best friends growing up together trying to understand themselves and the world around them. Click below to read comic.