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Short Story Collection

Unwanted Sympathy is an exhibition [currently in progress] that takes 6 different character from my comic strip series “The Beatniks,” and profiles their personal traumas and how their internal scars have manifest themselves into something uncontrollable. This show will take you on a narrative journey through the psyche of each character, as they unveil the different layers of their unconscious mind. Each characters story will be divulged in it’s own unique way, expressed through the uses of different mediums/art styles that best reflects the narrative being told. All stories will be contained within a story structure that I am coining as “The Reverse Album.” As I progress through the completion of the exhibition, I will be gradually replacing the teaser images with the official “album cover art” for each characters story below. [Closing Notes: My goal is to make this a travel exhibition and I am currently still in search of galleries and venues to hold my show. I hope to have this show finished by the end of 2019. Please reach out to me if you have any interest in the show.]