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Rodney Lambright II

Storyteller, Illustrator, Writer, Animator

The Artist Quest

As a storyteller, there is this constant search for innovative ways to express stories; to achieve the ultimate form of immersion. Through the engagement of my content I want people to become emotionally invested in the characters, and become lost in the world’s that I seek to create. At the same time, I want to explore the depths of perceptions and blur the lines between our oftentimes binary thinking; thus peeling back the different layers of complexity that exist within every decision we make. The versatility of telling stories across different art forms ranging from static art, animation, video games, to name a few, has
always been coherently important to me as an artist. Using the medium as a powerful storytelling device, has excited me most as I come to appreciate my influencers and their disciplines. I guess that's why my influences range between various genres and styles from cartoons such as, “Codename Kids Next Door,” and “Courage the Cowardly Dog,” to anime like “Akira,” ``Paprika,`` and “Fooly Cooly.” Even a random aesthetic fascination with classic video game pixel art or comic strips like “Calvin and Hobbes,” and “The Boondocks,” also excites me. Some would consider this assortment of style studies as overwhelming, but for me it’s absolutely necessary. There is something so enticing about all these styles, that I want to continue to hone in on; and one day marry into something visually and narratively cohesive. I am finally allowing my mind to explore again; and happily embracing it with the joys of knowing that creativity is a shared space. So let's build.